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Research Grant Application

Dear Applicant:

The Butterfly Guild will be accepting applications for its Grants Program.  Under this Program, grants will be awarded for exploratory/developmental/novel research on Shwachman Diamond Syndrome.  For eligibility and additional information, applicants are encouraged to review the RFA for this Program.

The following materials must be emailed to butterflyguild@hotmail.com and submitted to the Office of Sponsored Research at Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Institute, Office of Sponsored Research. Contact the Butterfly Guild for more information on the process.  Below are details of what is needed:

1. FACE PAGE.  Self explanatory.

2. SCIENTIFIC ABSTRACT.  Do not exceed ½ page.

3. LAYMAN ABSTRACT.  Describe in layman’s terms the proposed research and its importance to better the lives of persons afflicted with Shwachman Diamond Syndrome.  This abstract will be used by the Butterfly Guild Board or Directors in making final funding decisions.  Do not exceed 2 pages.

4. OBJECTIVES.  Provide a clear, concise statement of the hypothesis to be tested and the specific aims of the proposed studies.  Do not exceed ½ page.

5. BACKGROUND and SIGNIFICANCE.  Provide a critical evaluation of existing knowledge and identification of gaps that the project is intended to fill and a statement of the scientific importance of the proposed research.  Do not exceed 1 page.

6. RESEARCH PLAN.  Outline the specific experimental design, methods, and/or materials that will be used.  Do not exceed 2 pages.

7. ITEMIZED BUDGET.  Funding requests are restricted to direct costs only and may include equipment, supplies, subjects, data collection, personnel, and research-related travel (e.g., for data collection, conference presentations, etc.).  No indirect costs are allowable.  A detailed line item justification for each item requested should be included.  Do not exceed 1 page.

8. COLLABORATORS.  Briefly describe the roles of each participant on the project.  All applicants must be: (1) affiliated with Seattle Children’s Research Institute; (2) collaborating with a Seattle Children’s Research Institute physician and/or researcher; (3) or affiliated with any Children’s Hospital.  Do not exceed ½ page.

DO NOT EXCEED FIVE (5) PAGES FOR SECTIONS 4-8; Left and right margins should be set at 0.75” or greater; use Times Roman or equivalent font, 12 pt., (no more than 15 characters per inch, no more than 6 lines per vertical inch).  Proposals violating these criteria will be returned without review.

9. REFERENCES.  Do not exceed 2 pages.

10. TABLES & FIGURES.  Do not exceed 1 page.

11. BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH (PI and Collaborators).  Please use NIH format. 

Butterfly Guild Grant Application





          2a.      Name:                                    2b.     Degree(s):      


2c.      Position:                                  2d.     Department:      


          2e.      Mailing Address:


                   City:                   Zip:         


          2f.      Telephone Number:      


          2g.     E-mail address:      






           Yes          No



           Yes          No



          6a.      Name:     

          6b.     Title:        


6c.      Mailing Address:


                   City:                   Zip:         


          2d.     Telephone Number:      


          2e.      E-mail address:      


I certify that the statements herein are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge, and I accept the obligation to comply with the terms and conditions if a grant is awarded as a result of this application.

Signature of Principal Investigator:


Signature of Official named in 6:

INQUIRIES:  butterflyguild@hotmail.com

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